Broken World

Session Two

That was a Bat!?

The players made their way to the second outpost (Serpents), when they arrived they met with a group that was scarred from burns, although still welcoming. They met Grizz(Leader), The Kid(Rigger), and Larry(Mechanic) there and found out that they would need to head from there to the Northwest. As they headed into the rubble of the city the party found an increasing amount of dirt on the ground. The party found that they were being corralled into smaller streets and what appeared to be good ambush spots.

The party found a construction supply store and requisitioned quite a few new and functional items. Searching the city a bit more they found a bar and holed themselves inside (as it was more defensible). They searched the building finding quite a bit of alcohol and as they searched further found the emergency hideout room upstairs with two dead bodies in it. Upon further inspection they also found a secret passage in the ceiling which led to a room with very large webbing. Fearing large spiders the group decided not to enter the room and backed out, as night set in they began being attacked on all sides it seemed. Bats and Dark Ones outside and scratching and banging from the emergency room above. After a hectic and stressful night the group gathered their found items and brought them back into the Serpents camp.



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